Why do foreigners enjoy living extremely in the West Lake area?

If the old town is a favorite tourist destination for foreign visitors when visiting Hanoi, West Lake is the “home” for the foreign residents to choose for themselves in harmony with the capital’s lifestyle.
According to the population density statistics, the number of foreign tourists concentrated in West Lake always has a higher rate than other areas in the inner city. In 2016, the number of long-term stayers in the county was over 4,000.

According to experts, apart from the short distance of just 10-15 minutes to the central area, West Lake has the characteristics of an ideal living area for foreigners including low population density and no Great natural lake surface time. Those were extremely valuable elements for them, who were too fed up with stifling urban life, frustrated with only concrete and cars.

Therefore, along with the establishment of the original international resident community in West Lake, along with the development of accompanying utilities such as European restaurants, late-opening bars, convenience stores with imported goods. Export, etc., the foreigners living in West Lake keep propagating, making the international community here more and more crowded.

Among the areas chosen by many people are Lac Long Quan street, Au Co and Xuan Dieu street, the most famous is Ciputra – the first closed urban model in Hanoi that brings international living standards for Capital residents. According to statistics, the percentage of “Western” residents living in this urban area reaches nearly 40% of the total number of more than 7,000 residents, an extremely impressive figure when compared to other urban areas of the Capital.

In addition to the international standard security service of a closed urban area – a factor that brings a sense of security for foreign residents who always respect their privacy, Ciputra owns a green environment landscape up to 77 hectares for trees and water surface. The closeness to nature and environment are not only reflected in the planning and design of each house, apartment, and utility in the inside area but also in the eco-living culture available here.

To live happily at Ciputra International Urban Area is a privilege and also good luck. The reason for saying that, a part reason is an opportunity for new residents to join the green, civilized community, this “Western” community is not much. Typically, in the past year, Ciputra only launched 161 villas adjacent to 25 hectares of green parks and a small number of apartments in The Link 345.

According to the latest information from the investor, residents who want to join the international community of Ciputra can visit the actual apartment and model house to experience the living space in harmony with nature and admire the design. luxury apartment design in two buildings The Link 3 and The Link 4.