Reasons why the expats should live in Hanoi capital

If you are a foreigner or a digital nomad, Vietnam is one of the best places in the world to live right now. Sure, language is challenging, and there are important social issues, but there’s a lot to appreciate about this country. We really enjoy living here, and here are some reasons why the expats should live in Hanoi capital

  • It eats cheap to eat healthy
    In many developed countries around the world, healthy foods are often more expensive than fried, sugar and mass-produced. You can eat something cheap and greasy, like a slice of pizza, or a salad that costs at least twice the price. However, that is not the case in Vietnam. Here, the healthiest foods are usually the cheapest. A bag of fruit is so heavy that it can cost you $ 5.
  • Motorcycle is very interesting to drive
    Some people would rather let others drive them in Vietnam, which is a perfectly good option thanks to cheap apps like Grab and Goviet or Be. But most people who live here love the two-wheeler lifestyle. It’s dangerous, no doubt about it, but nothing compares to the feeling of freedom on a motorbike.
  • Traveling around Asia is easy and cheap
    If you are from Europe or North America, traveling to Asia is not a simple joke. You need to plan in detail, save some extra money and use all the holidays you’ve saved – and nobody likes to spend half a day on the plane. But when you live in Vietnam, it’s very easy to travel to places like Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, Laos, China, Japan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia and South Korea. You can even make a week-long trip to one of those countries, because the flight takes only a few hours and is not expensive at all.
  • Vietnamese people like to have friends in their country
    For many years, wealthy Vietnamese have left the country in droves, heading to places like Australia, France and the United States. Nowadays, foreigners often hear the question, Why do you live in Vietnam? Because after all these years of people trying to leave, they wonder why foreigners want to live in tiny Vietnam. Once you tell them that because you like to live here, they are full of pride. They like having foreigners here because it’s just another sign that their country has changed direction.
  • Coffee is very strong
    Vietnamese coffee feels like you’ve injected caffeine directly into your jar, which is exactly what we need when it’s hot outside and we feel sluggish – when the humidity is too high, the air has viscous feeling. Add some ice to the mixture and you’re ready for whatever the day brings.
  • Nightlife
    Alright, maybe we like to drink a little. Luckily for us, Vietnamese people like to drink. Beer is the main drink here, but the bigger cities – Saigon, Hanoi, Danang, Hue – all have great pubs and cocktails. And craft beer is growing rapidly as well. Even in smaller towns and villages, you can find a party on any night of the week.
  • It is easy to be fashionable
    While the brand names may be a bit vague, the Vietnamese market and shops are flooded with fashion styles and trends from around the world. And if you have another body type, like us, the tailors here can do whatever you need for less than you would pay for undressing at home. We are not the biggest fans of clothing purchases, but the low prices have compensated for the stress of bartering.