How to Find an Apartment for Rent in Hanoi at Reasonable Price

6 tips – How to find the best apartment to rent in Hanoi at a reasonable price, what do you need to do to save time and money while looking for a home that best suits you?

Finding the best apartment to rent in Hanoi at a reasonable price, Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, where many foreigners come to live and work. As a result, the rental market for foreigners is also developing. More and more high-end serviced apartments are on the market with utility services to meet the needs of tenants. However, finding an apartment that suits your requirements at a reasonable price is not easy. What do you need to save time and money while looking for a home that best suits you?

Determine how much is your budget

Most people assume that your monthly rent cannot exceed 30% of your monthly income. For the exam, if your income is $ 10,000 per month, you should spend about $ 2,500 to rent a house. Taking the time to review your personal budget before you start searching for apartments not only helps you find your price range, it can also help you identify areas of your personal finances. you where you can cut back if you want to spend more on a pricier apartment or condominium.

Find your best home for lower rent

There are several ways to help you find the apartment that’s right for you.
Searching outside an urban area can be a good option. You may want to live in the heart of Hanoi which seems like a priority, which doesn’t make much sense if you can afford to rent a house. Instead, check out apartments in the Urban Area like Vinhomes Riverside, Times City Park Hill or Ciputra Hanoi, etc. within a convenient distance to work and send your children to school.

Review all shipping costs. Urban areas in Hanoi are not far from the city, it takes 20 to 30 minutes to reach the center of Hanoi and often require smaller transport budgets, as you can take public buses, Taxi, Om or Your motorbike to commute. However, you still need to consider the cost of transportation, whether it’s a bus or petrol, if you choose to live far from the city center.

Find a roommate to share your rent with. You can find some friends to share your home with, but you need the landlord’s approval before doing so, but having a roommate can significantly reduce the financial pressure of renting. You should make sure you have a written agreement with your roommate that sets out all the obligations.

Negotiate. Unless you hunt for special apartments in a common area with a few similar apartments and few tenants, many landlords can negotiate and the prices are reduced depending on your payment conditions, Taxes VAT, long-term or short-term rent. Check and compare prices of similar apartments with the same amenities in the area and bring your research to get a better deal. You can also offer to pay rent for a longer period of time (landlords may offer a discount if you pay every six or 12 months) or choose to sign a longer lease to reach an overall agreement. to be better.

Start hunting

In order to save you time and money in finding a potential real estate, you should work with real estate agents (in Vietnam you do not have to pay commission to the agent, the landlord will pay them if the lease is signed). There are many real estate agents in Hanoi specifically focusing on foreign customers, which is the secret to searching on the internet. You are free to work with many different agents as you like. The host can also work with all agents as well. It means any agent can work with the same house. Hanoi Real Estate focuses specifically on expats and has helped expats find housing in Hanoi since 2002, we are committed to finding exactly what you are looking to provide your budget by. Choose a list of suitable properties for you to view online before visiting.

You should start hunting from a month before you will have to move. In Vietnam, current tenants must tell the landlord to terminate the lease at least 30 days, so you should look ahead of one month to allow more time to make a decision. However, good houses can be rented out very quickly, so you will need to make a decision as quickly as possible to pay the deposit and keep the house.

Price for rent. To avoid looking at apartments on access to your budget. The landlord is not able to lower the rent, and you may be overspending or disappointed when you can buy your dream apartment. Instead, set your company number and look for locations that are within your budget.

Transport. If you currently don’t have a car, check every potential apartment close to public transport. An apartment can be well priced and in a great neighborhood, but if you have to spend most of your time walking or hailing a taxi, it might not be very appealing.

Moreover, you need to take into account the transportation costs in your budget to get a true picture of how much an apartment really costs.
Convenient. Choosing an apartment with a convenient location can make your life a lot easier. Find a place that is close to work, shopping, transportation and laundry facilities.

Safety. More than just an apartment in a safe neighborhood, landlords should make every effort to ensure their tenants feel secure inside. Proper locks on every door, private entrance and security will make you feel better about renting.

Pay rent and deposit

Many landlords require down payment, usually including rent for the first 3 months and a deposit equal to a month’s rent.

Take the view and check all the apartments before signing a lease

You should check everything and you are happy with the apartment, location and landlord before you sign a lease. You should take the final step before logging into the dotted line. Because previous tenants may have caused damage or maintenance issues, you need to make sure you have won responsibility for any problems that cause your error.

Read and sign a lease

The agent will send you a draft lease. Rental agreements vary depending on the time frame and contract terms.