Houses rental tay Ho – What to expect

Hanoi Housing market is expanding with surging demands in which residents come for only apartments but also houses. With particular traits suitable for different kind of family and personal need, house for rent in Tay Ho has received much attention of the expat community. Hence, what to expect with this kind of property?

Quiet neighborhood surrounding house for rent in Tay Ho

Tay Ho district has long been the number one destination for expats from all around the world, especially westerners. This district is utterly famous among the expats community, and has been rumored in every single forum as the perfect and superior living space with poetic and beautiful words. Indeed, many foreigners, including expats and tourists, have fallen in love with this lush beauty full of greenery and soothing atmosphere, making Tay Ho the most expat-dominant area in Hanoi. With that uprise reputation of Tay Ho, the number of expats living and choosing to live here is higher than ever, and those expats don’t limit their choice to just apartments. Instead, they are open to choices of house for rent so that they can live in a quieter space.

Although the number of residents and expats is on the rise, the population density is quite low, leading to a common space of quietness and peacefulness. For example, each house for rent in Tay Ho has a large garden, which can be the place for green space and sometimes even a swimming pool. Residents in these houses can easily walk or go jogging in the surrounding area with their privacy not invaded. Most of the residents here are the experts working in industrial zone of Dong Anh, or the employees working at the airport, etc., leading to the formation of a high-class and civilized community. Living in such community, expats can have a quiet and private life.


Big number of rooms and wide price range of house for rent in Tay Ho

One big difference between apartments and houses for rent in Tay Ho is that while apartments have the maximum 3 bedrooms, houses can have up to 5 bedrooms and the equivalent bathrooms. Moreover, a three-bedroom apartment in Tay Ho often cost expats thousand dollars a month, while it only takes $650 a month for a three-bedroom house. Considering the cost-effectiveness and economicality, house for rent in this area is a better choice for big family.

Normally, houses in this area are built on a larger land size when compared with those in other districts. In the first floor, it can be the garage for parking, or the living room with small kitchen. On the second floor and up, each floor has one to two bedrooms and its ensuite bathroom.

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