Hanoi rental market are now full of options with apartments for rent from all places, but the most popular ones are those in Tay Ho district. This area has long been the home of expats and nomads, forming a close-knit community (mostly westerners) which is larger than that of any other districts. Instead of choosing to stay in the hustle and bustle of Hanoi Old Quarter, foreigners favor the quietness and soothing atmosphere in West Lake.

How to find apartment for rent in Tay Ho

Finding apartments for rent in Tay Ho can be very difficult if you don’t know the traits and features of this neighborhood. Please be noted that Tay Ho is not one of the main districts of Hanoi, but perhaps is the most expensive and costly area due to the modern infrastructure and thousand year-old history, plus the lush green nature surrounding West Lake. Indeed, nothing can compare with the cool summer night breeze bringing the taste of soothing climate of Hanoi together with the flowery touch from the nature.

Before barging in the alleys of Tay Ho district to find you the dream home, you should take a closer look into these features to best prepare yourself:

Your budget

Before renting out any place, expats should vested out the budget for your rental home in Hanoi. Besides rental fee, one huge factor that might affect the total money spent on housing is the electricity and water fee. Normally, if you come to high-class housing projects, the price will be pretty cheap, but with the lower-quality one, electricity and water will cost more than you expect. Deciding your budget can also help you to determine how many rooms and how many bathrooms your place have, the view from the apartment, etc.

Your workplace

Traffic is one of the biggest problem for expats residing to Hanoi due to the unfamiliarity to the transport system and behavior of Hanoi residents. Hence, choosing a place near your work office may be the best choice to avoid the hustle and bustle of Hanoi roads. If possible, a motorbike for commuting is the one solution that might help you great deal.

How many rooms do you need?

The number of rooms required is a big factor to determine the amount of money should be spent on housing. The bigger the number is, the more you have to spend, both on rental fee and furniture cost.


Serviced apartment for rent in tay ho

Serviced apartment for rent in Tay Ho has always been the dominant choice of expats in this particular area due to its convenience and low price. If you are an expats who wants to live alone in a fully furnished one-bed apartment, serviced apartments is the answer for you. Normally, the serviced apartments in this area is fully-equipped with fine bed, full-utility kitchen, sofas and television.

Perhaps the most notable traits of serviced apartment for rent in Tay Ho is that the limited living space. For example, instead of have separate living room, expats have to live in a studio-like apartment, the only difference is the equipment installed inside the apartment.

Apartment for rent in Tay Ho Westlake is a heated market for expats with quality apartments and serviced apartments. Come to Yeshousing to find out more.

With low building density, each villa in Hanoi has to itself its own space, equipped with fences or terraces to secure the residents better. This kind of privacy is even more solid with the security staffs who patrol each and every hour every day, making your home is safer than ever.

Plus, the neighbors in villas sector are all respectable residents with their attentiveness to the privacy of others. They do not have the habit of concerning others’ business and nosing in, making your lives much more private and closed.

Thanks to the large square area, a wide variety of villas for rent in Hanoi are beautifully designed with four to six bedrooms with surrounding garden, swimming pool, entertainment space, etc. Villas rental in Hanoi are mixed between old and modern style come with furnished, partially furnished or unfurnished status which are more expensive to rent but more luxurious and private than apartments or houses, which are ideal for families, expats, and groups of colleagues of friends.