Expat coming to Vietnam often struggle with the accommodations and housing matter, and the first question to be asked has always been “where should expats reside in?” To answer this, you should take a look at some outstanding features of one famous destination for expats, and that is Cau Giay District, one of the newly developed area of Hanoi.

What does it have in Apartments for rent in Cau Giay that excites the expat community?

Central Hanoi has witnessed the surging in demands for rental properties, and apartments for rent in Cau Giay District Hanoi are the solution for many expats who come to work at international firms and corporations. Especially, western Cau Giay is the place of Korea invest with high number of projects, both for economy and housing, leading to a concentration of Korean residents in this area. You can find Korean restaurants/ grocery stores at every corner in this “Koreatown”, hence enjoy the service with plethora of comprehensive amenities.

What makes apartment in Cau Giay stand out in the market is the outstanding and top-notch projects. Please be noted that all apartments in the area are dressed in polished architecture and ultra-luxurious look, giving out the sensational vibe of a modern and iconic lifestyle which cannot be seen anywhere else. For example, Keangnam Landmark makes the definition of Hanoi skyline with the gigantic scale of 72 blocks, stunning interior and superbly designed apartments. On the ground floors, residents can get access to dozen of shops and stores of highest quality, including restaurants, coffee shops, cinema and fashion brands, etc.

Besides the the best housing projects, Cau Giay District also has the transport system with proper invest from the government, up-to-date technology and architect. On Xuan Thuy and Cau Giay District, expats will have to chance to use the Hanoi Metro Skyline, an electric train system connecting every part of Hanoi, not to mention the highway on top of Pham Hung Street leading to other provinces. With these, the transportation is this area is easier than ever, giving you the life of comfort and convenience.


Apartment for rent in Cau Giay – Price range and all

Most of the apartment buildings in Cau Giay is new, hence the price is not cheap at all. But instead of calling them expensive, the word “cost-effective” is more suitable. This is because although the rental cost in Cau Giay is quite high, the residents receive convenient, high-quality and adequate amenities in return, creating a perfect life in Hanoi.

There are several kinds of apartment for rent in Hanoi, including the cheap and the luxury apartment one. For cheap apartment for rent in Cau Giay, the usual price ranges from $350 to $400/month to rent a studio with one bed, one kitchen and sometimes a cozy set of sofas. Luxury apartments have more diverse forms, varying from one to three-bedroom apartment with price from $600 to $4500/month.

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