Hanoi house rental guide: Tips and types of property

Settling down in Hanoi is no easy task in this bustling and busy city. Expats new to town may find themselves spoilt for choice of apartment for rent in Hanoi, including many types such as service apartments, luxurious apartments and separate rooms for rent, all of which have different traits that expats should take into consideration to have the place that suits them the most.

Luxurious apartments for rent in Hanoi and where to find them

Hanoi is the city of booming economic development, which goes parallel with the raise of urban housing projects, where expats can find numerous luxurious apartments for rent with wide range of prices, number of bedroom, etc. These projects are all available throughout main districts of Hanoi, but the most crowded ones are Ba Dinh, Dong Da, Cau Giay and Tay Ho District.

With price ranging from $600 to $2500, the apartments for rent here come in all shape and size, but all possess the similarities in terms of amenities, services and accommodation quality. Perhaps the only difference is the furniture and decorations inside the property.

apartment for rent in Hanoi
Plenty of choices for apartment for rent in Hanoi

When deciding whether you should rent a place, please take notice of the amenities including swimming pool, supermarket, shopping mall, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. Most of the projects include the aforementioned amenities but expats should check with landlords or real estate agent to make sure your place has the services that you need. If unavailable, you can totally go scouting at other landmarks for better choices. One major advantage of housing projects in Hanoi is that the prime location grant you a great deal of merits, including the easy transportation and diverse outer amenities.

f you take Vinhomes Metropolis for example, you can see that the position right at the intersection of important roads gives easy access to many other popular destinations such as Lotte Centre, Daewoo Hotel, Hanoi Gynecology Hospital, etc. No need to say, the residents living here inherit greatly the potentials and advantages of the most worth-living area of Hanoi.

Serviced apartment for rent in Hanoi

Besides casual apartment, expats also have the tendency to choose serviced apartment for rent in Hanoi, as for the following reasons:

  • Serviced apartments are equipped with full set of furniture, including beds, wardrobes, kitchenware, and sometimes small utensils. With these things, expats would not have to mind the purchase and delivering of furniture.
  • Rental contract of serviced apartment is not as complicated and lengthy as that of normal apartments. Plus, expats can both rent short-term and long-term when it comes to serviced apartment for rent.
  • Serviced apartment is much like a studio with a kitchen without separate wall, which is perhaps only suitable for single.
Serviced apartment for rent in Hanoi
Serviced apartment for rent in Hanoi

For young expats that are too busy to take care of your home, serviced apartment is the perfect answer when residing in Vietnam. Plus, the landlords of these can offer you the cleaning service, which only cost a little to keep your place and the surroundings always spotless. On the other hand, for those who want to manage and decorate the place themselves, normal apartments for rent in Hanoi is always perfect.