5 reasons to rent an apartment in Tay Ho district

Apartments for rent in Tay Ho is always the most popular keyword that people search for when they have a demand for renting an apartment to live and work in Hanoi for a long time. The reason why Tayho District is foreigner’s first priority is that it owns 5 following special reasons:
  • West Lake – the green lung of Hanoi Capital
Nowadays in TayHo, the rate of foreigners living here is much higher than other areas in Hanoi; especially their living focuses mainly on Tayho surroundings such as Xom Chua, Quang Khanh, To Ngoc Van, Quang An or Tu Hoa Cong Chua street. That natural water surface is up to 500 ha in combination with green-tree system surrounded creates a giant lung which gives the whole area a cool fresh environment. This very great natural space is the most positive energy lifting up people’s mood every day. In addition, unlike other central districts namely Dong Da, Ba Dinh and Hoan Kiem, Tayho’s population density is quite sparse, which is suitable for large living space of foreigners looking for apartments for rent in Tay Ho.
House for rent in Tay Ho
House for rent in Tay Ho
  • Tay Ho concentrates many international organizations and embassies
When settling down in Tayho area, foreign visitors will find it easy and convenient to work with international organizations and embassies because the agencies are currently focusing mainly in this area. Moreover, there is a large community of foreigners living and working, which creates more opportunities for networking and cultural exchanges and expanding cooperation.
  • Tay Ho holds many attractive conveniences
From Tay Ho district, it’s easy for foreign tourists to move to the city centers by convenient and less-congested transportation routes. Especially, from Tay Ho, if people want to move to newly developed urban areas, they just need to go through arterial roads. Vo Chi Cong Street – Nghia Do – Hoang Quoc Viet – Nhat Tan Bridge is the arterial road to Noi Bai airport and the Northern provinces. Finding apartments for rent in Tay Ho Hanoi to live, guests will enjoy many attractive amenities such as Ho Tay water park, Sun park, Tayho sports center, Nhat Tan market, Ciputra Shopping Mall, International SOS Hospital, Tayho High School, United Nations International School, Internal University, Nam Thang Long urban center, and Sword Lake.
apartment tay ho
apartment tay ho
  • Tay Ho owns many natural landscapes and historical monuments
When choosing to rent an apartment in the area of Tay Ho Hanoi to stay, foreign visitors will have the opportunity to visit many natural landscapes and famous historical sites of Vietnam: Nghi Tam Flower Village, Nhat Tan Peach Village, Phu Thuong Peach Village, Phu Tay Ho, Quan Thanh Temple, Ba Gia Temple, Ba Danh Pagoda, Tinh Lau Temple, Thien Nien ancient temple, Van Nien pagoda, Cao Sach pagoda, Uc Nien pagoda and Tran Quoc pagoda. Especially when choosing the West Lake viewing apartments, visitors will enjoy the airy living space and savor the nature of the vast lake.
  • Super convenient apartments for rent in Tay Ho Hanoi
Understanding the wishes of most foreign visitors when choosing apartments for rent in Tay Ho Hanoi, Alphabet Housing with a team of experienced staff often serves super comfortable rental apartments in beautiful locations around West Lake. Apartments for rent in Tay Ho Hanoi are designed modernly and luxuriously, which is suitable for foreigners’ living style. Especially, each apartment is fully furnished with the smallest things such as towels, bedding, kitchen utensils and washing machines, air conditioners, and refrigerators.

source:  https://alphahousing.vn